Company Philosophy and Policy
Grow with Samtruck...

Our Policy;


To keep customer satisfaction at the center of all activities, to develop continuously, to manage change, to be innovative and dynamic, to allow the continuous development of our employees, to work target-oriented and to apply competitive policies in all activities.

In order to realize all these, it is to be a company that favors increasing its competitive power with a sustainable profitability policy.

Our Philosophy;


We are recognized by our customers, employees, suppliers and competitors as one of the best and most innovative companies in the industry. We see our team as the most important factor in achieving this goal.

By meeting the needs of our customers we serve, taking into account today's requirements, with the maximum service quality in accordance with international standards, on time, our customers adapt to sustainable competition conditions;

At the same time, by contributing to the development and development of our country, in the shortest possible time, to be a solution-oriented company sought and preferred by domestic and foreign businesses.