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About Us

Our team, which has been playing an active role in the sector for many years, became Axam Automotive Spare Parts Ltd. with a brand new formation. It provides services under its title with its qualified and professional infrastructure. Our company, which has gained a brand new profile and corporate identity, has managed to make a name for itself in the sector since its establishment.

Axam Automotive;

It is a company with strong foundations and superior experience. Its professional and dynamic team is fully qualified and equipped to analyze and implement industry needs. The power behind the brand is its dynamic and experienced team, which renews its corporateness and excitement day by day. Our company, which offers superior services by blending years of experience, is making its place in the sector stronger day by day.

As a management approach, it works to establish bonds with a warm and high perception of trust. In this sense, it attaches great importance to combining professional service understanding with reassuring privileges as a part of company culture. We would be happy to see you as a part of our family full of satisfied customers.